About this Volume

The goal for the proposed volume Options for Teaching Modernist Women’s Writing in English is to provide a resource for faculty and scholars at all levels and in many relevant fields for the teaching of women’s writing in modernist studies (primarily in English), including looking at current professional and pedagogical trends and new developments in the field. The audience for this title would comprise, among others, teachers of undergraduate and graduate students; and of British and American/transatlantic/global/world literature, literary criticism/the history of literary criticism/feminist literary criticism, women’s/gender studies, gay and lesbian studies, queer studies, and modernist/20th-century studies.

Highlights include comparative, interdisciplinary, and intersectional approaches; a focus on the digital humanities and digital pedagogy; emphases on sexuality, class, race, globalism/imperialism/postcolonialism; responses to World War One and World War Two as well as the Spanish Civil War; and women writers’ engagements with popular culture, material culture, periodical culture, and the “middlebrow.” All of these are informed by a shifting scholarly landscape and evolving pedagogical practice, and they reflect the expanding of modernist studies to include previously neglected figures and questions and to encompass multiple “modernisms” (high, inter, and late; geographical, temporal, and vertical).

This site began as a means of developing the content of the volume, as well as cultivating potential contributors and readers.  As we enter our latest phase of review, we are evolving the site into a companion hub for the volume which will include content that complements contributors’ individual essays. Contributors whose work has a digital component, or those who wished to take advantage of the site due to space constraints in the print volume, have pages here; the list of contributors and chapters hosted here is by no means the contents of the volume in its entirety.

Material that serves to complement individual essays may be found under the menu tab “Resources by Contributor/Chapter.” These resources may also be discovered by type at the tab “Resources by Category”; categories include syllabi, recommended reading, digital collections, video and audio resources, websites, and events.  An “Essential Resources” menu tab collects much of this material, referenced throughout the volume and the field of modernist studies more broadly, in one convenient location in order to be useful to any instructor in any context.