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RESOURCE: The Modernist Podcast

Our new favorite thing: The Modernist Podcast (@Podernism on Twitter).  Hosted by Séan Richardson, a first-year PhD student focusing on queer theory, cosmopolitanism, and modernist studies at Nottingham Trent University, the podcast provides a platform for emerging scholars of modernism to share their work and engage with new trends and directions in the field.


We were especially excited to check out the inaugural episode:  modernism, women, and feminism.  (We were especially especially excited to get a bit of a shout-out at the end.)  Featuring Katie Dyson, Fran Bigman, Sophie Oliver, Jade French , and Rio Matchett, the episode looks at women and aging, abortion, fashion v. style, little magazines, and narrative ethics.  The lively and wide-ranging conversation is worth a listen!


LIVE Broadcast on #teachingmodwomen

So…not live anymore — but I did do an Ask Me Anything on Periscope, chatting for about 10 minutes about TMWWE, its inspiration, the kinds of queries I’ve been receiving, tips on teaching and feminist pedagogy, and things I’m thinking about as I turn the prospectus over in my mind.

You can still watch!  Click here.

If you’d like to chat in person, find me at MSA — I’ve submitted my seminar paper to “Thinking Back Through Our Mothers:  Feminist Revolutions in Modernism,” a draft version of the introductory essay to TMWWE.