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Cheney, “How to Write and Gertrude Stein and How to Read”

Gertrude Stein:  Resources
compiled by Matthew Cheney

By Gertrude Stein



About Gertrude Stein



Pedagogies and Practices

Reginio, “Questioning Modernist Poetry: Feminist Poetics in the Classroom”

Contemporary Experimental Poetry by Women:  Resources used in “Modernist Women Writers”

Arizona State University’s online archive of the journal HOW(ever) and its follow-up How2, journals dedicated to modernist and contemporary innovative poetry by women.

Link here

The online journal Jacket2‘s “reissue” of the journal Chain, edited by Jena Osman and Juliana Spahr, which, during its run in the 90’s and early 00’s, focused on innovative women’s writing. 

Link here

PennSound, run by the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, is an unmatched resource for audio and video of innovative, experimental writers reading and discussing their work.

Here are authors studied in the course “Modernist Women Writers” and their pages on PennSound:

Rae Armantrout

Susan Howe

Myung Mi Kim

M. NourbeSe Philip

Harryette Mullen:

Video from an online course on Modern American Poetry organized by Al Filreis containing a discussion of Mullen’s volume Sleeping with the Dictionary, which is also part of my course “Modernist Women Writers.”

Mullen reading poems from Sleeping with the Dictionary:

“All She Wrote”

“Wipe that Smile Off Your Aphasia”

“Quality of Life”

“Coals to Newcastle, Panama Hats from Ecuador”

Dinsman, “Women’s Writing and Film Adaptation: Teaching Late Modernism, Melodrama, and World War II Propaganda”

The course website described by Dinsman was created with WordPress and is housed on the CUNY Commons.  Link here

Suggested Reading (as listed in the chapter “Women’s Writing and Film Adaptation”)

Novels and Essays

Films and Documentaries

Phyllis Bottome, The Mortal Storm

Frank Borzage, The Mortal Storm

Elizabeth Bowen, The Demon Lover

Harold French, Unpublished Story

Elizabeth Bowen, The End of the Day

Alfred Hitchcock, Foreign Correspondent

Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

Alfred Hitchcock, Rebecca

Henry Green, Caught

Humphrey Jennings, Fires Were Started

Henry Green, Loving

Humphrey Jennings, London Can Take It

Grahame Greene, The End of the Affair

Fritz Lang, The Ministry of Fear

Graham Greene, The Ministry of Fear

William Wyler, Mrs. Miniver

Patrick Hamilton, Hangover Square

Patrick Hamilton, The Slaves of Solitude

Other Media Objects

Louis MacNeice, “Autumn Journal”

Vera Brittain, Wartime Chronicle (diary)

Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver

Winston Churchill (speeches)

Evelyn Waugh, Put Out More Flags

Mass-Observation (report excerpts)

Virginia Woolf, Between the Acts

Ministry of Information (MOI) (propaganda posters)

Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas

Edward R. Murrow (radio broadcasts)

Virginia Woolf, “Thoughts on Peace…”

J.B. Priestley, Britain Speaks (radio broadcasts)

Additional Suggestions


Vera Brittain, England’s Hour
T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Henry Green, Back
Graham Greene, The Confidential Agent
Storm Jameson, England to Let
Storm Jameson, London Calling: A Salute to America

Dorothy Sayers, Begin Here: A War-Time Essay
G.W. Stonier, Memoirs of a Ghost
G.W. Stonier, Shaving Through the Blitz
M.J. Tambimuttu, Out of this War
Rex Warner, The Aerodrome
Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon


Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator
Alfred Hitchcock, Lifeboat
Leslie Howard, ‘Pimpernel’ Smith
Humphrey Jennings, Listen to Britain!
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (with MOI), 49th Parallel
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (with MOI), The Volunteer

Other Media Objects

E.M. Forster, The BBC Talks of E.M. Forster (radio broadcasts)
Ministry of Food recipes Link here
Louis MacNeice, Christopher Columbus (radio play)
George Orwell, The War Broadcasts (radio broadcasts)
Propaganda Posters: Imperial War Museum  Link here 


RESOURCE: The Modernist Podcast

Our new favorite thing: The Modernist Podcast (@Podernism on Twitter).  Hosted by Séan Richardson, a first-year PhD student focusing on queer theory, cosmopolitanism, and modernist studies at Nottingham Trent University, the podcast provides a platform for emerging scholars of modernism to share their work and engage with new trends and directions in the field.


We were especially excited to check out the inaugural episode:  modernism, women, and feminism.  (We were especially especially excited to get a bit of a shout-out at the end.)  Featuring Katie Dyson, Fran Bigman, Sophie Oliver, Jade French , and Rio Matchett, the episode looks at women and aging, abortion, fashion v. style, little magazines, and narrative ethics.  The lively and wide-ranging conversation is worth a listen!


LIVE Broadcast on #teachingmodwomen

So…not live anymore — but I did do an Ask Me Anything on Periscope, chatting for about 10 minutes about TMWWE, its inspiration, the kinds of queries I’ve been receiving, tips on teaching and feminist pedagogy, and things I’m thinking about as I turn the prospectus over in my mind.

You can still watch!  Click here.

If you’d like to chat in person, find me at MSA — I’ve submitted my seminar paper to “Thinking Back Through Our Mothers:  Feminist Revolutions in Modernism,” a draft version of the introductory essay to TMWWE.