Golden, “Digital Landscapes: Mapping Global Modernist Women Writers”

Course Websites

Golden’s course, “Global Digital Modernisms,” at the New York Institute of Technology

Link here

Golden’s course, “Global Literature and Digital Media,” at the New York Institute of Technology

Link here

Further Reading/Project Examples

Golden on mapping Jacob’s Room for TECHStyle, a forum for sharing multimodal pedagogy at Georgia Tech, November 12, 2013

Link here

Soweto Historical GIS Project at Digital Humanities Initiative at Hamilton College

Link here

Brian Croxall, mapping Mrs. Dalloway, Introduction to Digital Humanities at Emory University

Link here

Additional previous posts and resources by Golden here on “Teaching Modernist Women’s Writing in English”:

“Navigating Modernism’s Visual History”

“Digital Woolf”

Related Reading: Gordon and Southworth, Foster

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