Kopley, “Teaching the Revisions of Woolf and Others”

Bibliography of Draft Material by Woolf


Draft versions of books by Woolf

(listed chronologically by initial publication of each book for which the following are draft versions)

Melymbrosia: An Early Version of The Voyage Out, edited by Louise DeSalvo, New York Public Library, 1982.

Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room: The Holograph Draft, edited by Edward Bishop, Pace UP, 1998.

“The Hours”: The British Museum Manuscript of Mrs. Dalloway, edited by Helen Wussow, Pace UP, 1996.

To the Lighthouse: The Original Holograph Draft, edited by Susan Dick, U of Toronto P, 1982.

Orlando: The Holograph Draft, edited by Stuart N. Clarke, S. N. Clarke, 1993.

Women & Fiction: The Manuscript Version of A Room of One’s Own, edited by S. P. Rosenbaum, Blackwell, Shakespeare Head P, 1992.

The Waves: The Two Holograph Drafts, edited by J. W. Graham, U of Toronto P, 1976.

The Pargiters: The Novel-Essay Portion of The Years, edited by Mitchell A. Leaska, Hogarth Press, 1978.

Pointz Hall: The Earlier and Later Typescripts of Between the Acts, edited by Mitchell A. Leaska, New York UP, 1983.

Articles and book chapters including primary draft material by Woolf

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Digital primary draft material by Woolf

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