RESOURCE: The Modernist Podcast

Our new favorite thing: The Modernist Podcast (@Podernism on Twitter).  Hosted by Séan Richardson, a first-year PhD student focusing on queer theory, cosmopolitanism, and modernist studies at Nottingham Trent University, the podcast provides a platform for emerging scholars of modernism to share their work and engage with new trends and directions in the field.


We were especially excited to check out the inaugural episode:  modernism, women, and feminism.  (We were especially especially excited to get a bit of a shout-out at the end.)  Featuring Katie Dyson, Fran Bigman, Sophie Oliver, Jade French , and Rio Matchett, the episode looks at women and aging, abortion, fashion v. style, little magazines, and narrative ethics.  The lively and wide-ranging conversation is worth a listen!


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